SkillUp Training, a part of the Saryx Engineering Group, is delivering critical Microsoft Office and business administration training to underprivileged communities in areas including Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg, Paternoster and St Helena’s Bay in the Western Cape.

According to Chantal McNally, training manager at SkillUp Training, the company facilitated levels one to three Microsoft computer training, along with a business administration course, to some 50 people from the region.

“Basic computer training is absolutely critical for most modern jobs. Our courses cover the introduction to computers, and how to get the best from Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.

“Meanwhile, business administration – which is an accredited learnership programme – teaches learners the basics of budgeting, report writing, handling phone calls, problem solving skills and office etiquette,” McNally says.

Of course, she adds, taking these courses into areas with little connectivity means that the training team must get creative in order to deliver the training. She said that the training team made use of a range of microcomputers known as Raspberry Pi, which proved invaluable when training under the Covid-19 regulations.

Explaining why training of this nature is so important for companies, McNally says that Section 12H of the Income Tax Act affords companies tax rebates for each learnership undertaken.

McNally points out that with its accredited trainers and using Saryx’s Training Management Platform, SkillUp Training offers hybrid training – both online and from its in-person training facilities in Richards Bay, Ballito and Witbank.

“Computer training is like learning languages – it is a skill that virtually everyone needs and can benefit from. Businesses, too, receive benefits like positive employee retention, the training of future leaders, employee empowerment and increased workplace engagement,” McNally said.

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