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NGOConnectSA understands that NPOs play a vital role in the growth of our economy. Taking care of them means taking care of them means growing South Africa. Our programmes are around encouraging sustainability, growth, information sharing and digital era alignment in NPOs.


Our main beneficiaries are youth and non-profit organisations. We respond to a need. Our latest response was partnering with Rebuild SA in restoring what was damaged in South Africa due to unrest and looting.


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Absa recently launched its first data science and engineering academy. This academy is designed to foster emerging talent

Absa recently launched its first data science and engineering academy. This academy is designed to foster emerging talent in the field of data and aims to transform its first cohort of 20 learners into data specialists, with advanced knowledge and skills to deliver...

African Rainbow Minerals invests R20m into research at Wits, gets building named after it

African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of the Witwatersrand have launched a new initiative to develop the high-level skills needed to tackle the issues of energy shortages, water scarcity, and a skills...

No Boy Is Born An Abuser: GBV Can Be Eradicated Before It Starts

A father who was planning his family’s murder and his suicide; husbands who beat their partners; and men who abandon and abuse, Craig Wilkinson has seen it all. However, he still believes that true masculinity is a force for good, and that if we can heal and restore...

Siyakholwa Development Foundation takes bold strides to tackle period poverty

The Siyakholwa Development Foundation (Siyakholwa), a social enterprise dedicated to uplifting marginalised communities across the Eastern Cape Province and parts of Gauteng, is proud to announce a significant milestone in the fight against period poverty.   This...