Sustainability has to be more than a buzzword, but built into the DNA of every business, big and small. This is what the Entrepreneurship to the Point (eTTP) event, sponsored by Bruichladdich, is looking to do.

Created by business incubator Property Point, eTTP exists to create economic inclusion through entrepreneurship, by equipping SMEs with the necessary skills needed for them to thrive in their respective business disciplines.

Helping to build sustainable businesses

The initiative has introduced The Future Table concept to help create businesses that will contribute to environmentally sustainable business practices – with the first event kick starting on this Thursday at the DaVinci Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

These sessions will be intimate dinner sessions hosted every second month for passionate South Africans with a shared opinion and perspective on the importance of sustainability.

At each dinner, three entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to present their business models to industry leaders who in turn will give their expert advice on how these businesses can be made more environmentally sustainable by giving them tasks to implement the shared advice.

One of the keynote speakers will be serial entrepreneur, businessman, social activist and chief executive officer at Ex: Brand Contact Consultant Monwabisi Thethe. The panel will include multi award winning Vere Shebe of Africa Programmes at World Green Building Council and founder of Greendesign African.

Entrepreneurs pitching ideas will include Pravashen, who is the founder and CEO of EWaste Africa.

At the end, all nine entrepreneurs will be invited to The Future Table for “The Last Supper” finale, where their businesses will be given a second opportunity to present their models and how they have implemented the advice given previously. The winning business model will stand a chance of winning R50,000 funding to implement the proposed changes.

Shawn Theunissen, founder of Property Point and ETTP, commented: “Climate change is real and a genuine threat to the planet. All of us have to play our part in making the world safer.

“This includes SMEs who are often overlooked when coming to this issue. Initiatives like this cannot be based just on good intentions, The Future Table aims to inspire, motivate and reward entrepreneurs into action.”

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